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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Drive the New Situation of Employment

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.022


Shuangying Jia, Canshi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Shuangying Jia


The employment education of college graduates is the key link in the “last mile” of personnel training in universities. It is a special educational practice that integrates ideology, science, and the times. On the surface, it is for the purpose of promoting the employment of college students. And it is essentially the same function that “what to train, how to train people, and to train people. Therefore, it is required that the employment education of college students should be adjusted in terms of educational concepts, educational goals, education models, and team building, establish a rational concept of employment and entrepreneurship and achieve stable career development. This paper studies the difficulties of employment of college students, the development and changes of the employment situation of college students, and the development difficulties faced by the employment education of college students.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, The Internet, Employment, Talent development, College students