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Research on Alibaba Brand Design and Communication Strategy under Internet+ Background

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.015


Wenting Fu, Sheng Cao, Shiying Ye

Corresponding Author

Sheng Cao


Since the establishment of the Alibaba Group in 1999, it has gradually become one of the largest e-commerce transaction markets in the country and even in the world. Alibaba's unique brand culture construction and spread play a key role. The interpretation and research on the construction and dissemination of Alibaba's brand culture can provide some inspirations for the development of enterprises' owner. First, this paper studies the influence of Internet on brand design. Second, this paper analyzes the influence of the Alibaba's brand communication strategy, from the perspective of internal and external dissemination of the brand culture. Finally, based on the former analysis of the communication strategy, this paper summarizes the suggestions on communication strategies of other companies.


Internet, Brand Communication Strategy, Brand Design, Alibaba