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The Paradigm of Tourism Symbol Economy in Ethnic Tourism Sites

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.014


Yan Zeng

Corresponding Author

Yan Zeng


The tourism consumption process in ethnic tourism sites is the signifying process of ethnic culture, ethnic culture becomes the assets and enters ethnic tourism economy operation. The significance of sign of self-identification and communication on roles, positions, interaction culture which expressed by ethnic tourism products and culture, during the process of ethnic tourism consumption, has formed up the consumer paradigm by tourism symbol. In the signifying process of tourism consumption, it reflects a relation that sign interaction. Tourism experience is realized in the process of sign interaction, which formed up the experiential consumption paradigm. Culture and sign jointly decide the real value of tourism symbol economy is to place the ethnic culture in the interaction of circumstance and sign to express, which forms the cultural paradigm of tourism symbol economy in the process of sign production, sales and consumption.


Ethnic tourism sites, Symbol economy, Paradigm