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The "World Peace" Based on the Gene of Chinese Culture --- The Reconstruction of the Historical Image of “Hero”

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.012


Zhang Xianxi

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xianxi


As an outstanding representative of Chinese film directors, Zhang Yimou presents many excellent Chinese cultural genes in his works. These cultural genes not only play an important role in the inheritance of Chinese culture, but also construct the image of the country that director Zhang Yimou understands from different levels. The excellent cultural genes in Zhang Yimou's works not only establish the directing position of Zhang Yimou as a Chinese film master, but also become a distinctive national feature of the Chinese film school. These ethnic characteristics are particularly evident in Zhang Yimou's film “Hero”. This film combines Chinese calligraphy and martial arts culture, making it an important carrier of spreading Chinese culture and national image to the world.


Cultural gene,” Heroes”, Calligraphy, chivalrous wushu master, World Peace