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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform of Energy and Power Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.011


Wei Zeming

Corresponding Author

Wei Zeming


With the introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship education, all institutions are constantly following the footsteps. At this stage, we will focus on cultivating and developing energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles, etc. industry. It can be seen that the development of strategic new emerging industries is inseparable from the participation of energy and power engineering. Actively exploring new modes of training innovative and entrepreneurial talents is a major measure to promote China's transition from a large engineering education country to an innovative education power. This article summarizes the foreign innovation and entrepreneurship education model and experience. Taking the energy and power engineering major as an example, it proposes to work on personnel training programs, innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system construction, innovation and entrepreneurship practice base for university students, and innovation and entrepreneurship discipline competition. Conduct research on innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in energy and power engineering to promote the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Energy and Power Engineering, Educational Reform, Research