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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Open Utilization of Electronic Parts Library and Instrumentation Room

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.010


Hongmei Zhang, Mingliang Tang

Corresponding Author

Hongmei Zhang


In order to deepen the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, the automation and high efficiency of electronic component management in university laboratories are realized. Electronic component management system to solve the electronic components and equipment to bring the convenience. With the rapid economic development stage, the next innovation in the public, the highly entrepreneurial situation, electronic components and instrumentation library management increasingly important for innovation and entrepreneurship education university students, colleges and universities to respond positively to the establishment of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute of Education. The electronic component library and instrumentation room belong to the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education. Electronic components and instrumentation are an indispensable part of the training of innovative talents. We must give full play to its role, promote the continuous development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship education.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, electronic components, instrumentation, utilization