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The Research on New Teaching Team Construction in Employment Education College

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.008


Baichun Yang, Hairui Gu

Corresponding Author

Hairui Gu


The 15th army Academy conference made the strategic decision of the military academy education from academic education to job education, which made the deepening of job education reform a new subject in the education development of our military academy. Based on the function of post education, this paper puts forward some suggestions on the new teaching team of post education in military institutions. The new teaching team pays more attention to joint teaching between institutions and troops and agencies. The establishment of a new type of teaching team composed of institutions, troops, organs and trainees, and the full inclusion of personnel familiar with the force and with practical experience into the teaching team can effectively solve problems such as the lack of practical experience and lagging behind in the teaching content of the teaching staff. It provides a feasible way for the education institutions to carry out joint education training with the troops.


Employment education, New type, Teaching team, Construction