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Discussion on the Path Mode of Financial Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/emcs.2018.006


Zhao Yanni

Corresponding Author

Zhao Yanni


Since the reform and opening up, innovation and entrepreneurship have been proposed. Financing is a major issue facing enterprises in their innovation and entrepreneurship. Under the background of the integration of finance and industry development, the current situation of the integration of manufacturing and financial industry development and financial support for enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, this paper proposes the basic principles, objectives, tasks, key areas, and mechanisms for financial support for enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on the reality, private equity finance and internet finance will be the key breakthrough areas, with small and micro finance and inclusive finance as the basic support areas, and science and technology finance as the development areas. At the same time, improve the ability to guarantee financial aggregates, improve credit management system, improve the quality of financial supply in key areas, promote the construction of insurance innovation comprehensive demonstration areas, promote the development of financing guarantee industry, build public service systems, improve social credit systems, and optimize government services. Increase the level of public services in terms of functions, increasing policy support, etc. In the end, boosting the formation of financial support for enterprise innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate development led to a greater momentum of cooperation, win-win cooperation, and mutual development.


Financial support, Enterprises, Innovation and entrepreneurship, Manufacturing