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Analysis Report on the Employment Quality of the First Graduates of Preschool Education in Local Colleges---A Case Study of Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.069


Ming Fan

Corresponding Author

Ming Fan


In order to alleviate the rapid development of pre-school education in the process of lack of teachers, as one of the important initiatives in Shaanxi Province, in March 2012, the Ministry of Education and the Shaanxi Provincial People's Government approved the original Shaanxi Institute of Education changed its name to Shaanxi pre-school teacher, And in September that year began to recruit the first batch of undergraduate students. After four years of training, through the first 720 undergraduate graduates to track the employment situation found that graduates of the overall quality of employment is higher, in line with the school based in Shaanxi, the service location, the work unit is relatively stable nature, after the basic employment Rights and interests are guaranteed. And graduates of the job and the professional relevance of the high relevance of the employment of strong adaptability of graduates to carry out the work of the school more effective recognition, but due to the impact of wages and other aspects of the job satisfaction Room for improvement. As the local colleges and universities with the characteristics of pre-school education reform, the author analyzes and evaluates the quality of their first undergraduates' employment, and accumulates valuable experience for the continuous improvement of the training and supplementary mechanism of kindergarten teachers.


Transformation and development, Local colleges and universities, Pre-school education, The first undergraduate, Employment quality.