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Research on Excellent Literary Works Cooperation for Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.067


Yan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yan Zhao


At present, ideological and political education in colleges and universities has become increasingly important. The paper focused on how to improve the effectiveness of the course, changing the traditional teaching methods to new teaching reform, and exploring the pertinence between ideological and political course and other courses. By analyzing the significance of literary works, the author points out the ways and methods of deepening the teaching reform of ideological and political theory. By reading some typical literary works, and guiding student to learn ideological and political theory from such works, the interest of student was aroused. Such cooperation not only improved their specialty of Chinese Language and literature, but also led students playing an active and active role in literature reading and ideological and political course learning. The new teaching reform of ideological and political course, may enhance the emotional experience of students, and make the ideological and political theory course teaching grounded in spirit, truly into the mind and heart.


Teaching Reform, Curriculum Politics, Excellent Literary Works, Same Orientation