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Dynamic Change and Evaluation of Poor Households in Qinba Mountain Area During the Process of Poverty Alleviation from the Perspective of Sustainable Livelihood—Based on the Empirical Study of 21 Villages in 6 Districts of Qinba Mountain Area

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.063


Zhongguo Zhao, Jiahao Zhu, Yuming Liu, Liqing Luo

Corresponding Author

Zhongguo Zhao


With the deepening of the work to take targeted measures in poverty alleviation, the Qinba Mountain Contiguous Poor Areas is one of the main battlefields for poverty alleviation. The research on the effect of poverty alleviation has reference and guidance significance for the work of other poverty-stricken areas. In recent years, poverty alleviation has been carried out in an orderly manner, but there are still many contradictions and the application in special difficult areas is not deep enough. Analyzing the dynamic changes of sustainable livelihood capital data and the current situation of poverty alleviation will help to provide data basis and theoretical basis for optimizing the overall allocation and improving poverty alleviation programs, and at the same time narrow the gap of regional economic development. Based on the field survey, data analysis shows that the scores of livelihood capital of the Qinba Mountain Contiguous Poor Areas before and after poverty alleviation are respectively a, b, and the difference is b-a. Negative growth accounts for 5 in the index layer, while the remaining 15 indicators are experiencing positive growth. Based on the results of this study, the benefits created by natural capital, material capital, financial capital, social capital and human capital in poverty alleviation work for farmers are determined, and their effects on poverty alleviation are evaluated. A series of suggestions on the development and process of poverty alleviation work are put forward to help the poverty alleviation work more accurately and steadily.


Sustainable Livelihood, Qinba Mountain Contiguous Poor Areas, Poverty Alleviation, Poverty-Stricken Areas, Capital,