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Study on the Aesthetic Characteristics of Hubei Traditional Sculpture

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.059


Li Gang, Wang Fang

Corresponding Author

Li Gang


Based on literature research and field research, this paper comprehensively combs the historical remains of traditional sculpture and the development of modern in Hubei from the perspectives of art, history, culture, chemistry, archeology, art anthropology and geography. It points out that Hubei traditional sculpture has many characteristics, such as rich variety of resources, diverse artistic features, inclusive cultural features, and a lively craftsman spirit. Summarized the Hubei traditional sculpture in the unique geographical location, presented based on Chu art, widely absorbed the essence of Zhoubianbashu, Wu Yue, the Central Plains culture, and finally formed a clear "harmony tone" aesthetic characteristics.


Hubei, Sculpture, Aesthetics