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Economic Controlled Domestic Violence and Its Damage Compensation Based on Gender Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.056


Xiaodong Bian

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Bian


Domestic violence is a global phenomenon, which exists to varying degrees in all countries of the world. Women are the main victims of domestic violence. In view of the hidden nature of economic control behavior, the judicial boundary is vague and it is difficult to determine the nature. Economic control behavior also has the characteristics of other typical domestic violence. Through gender theory, we emphasize the social characteristics and roles of men and women, the influence of social culture on gender differences, and the social relations between the sexes. Studies have shown that there are limitations to discussing domestic violence from a gender perspective: its definition of domestic violence is too absolute, and only emphasizes the control of male hegemony on women. It can explain the causes of some domestic violence. Studies have shown that our laws cannot stand by and should uphold the legal rights of the spouse of the victim. When the spouse of the victim is subjected to physical, sexual, or mental violence, he or she should be supported when making compensation for divorce mental damage.


Gender, Economic Control, Domestic Violence, Damage Compensation