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Digital Media Education and Protection of Cultural Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.054


Teng Aijuan

Corresponding Author

Teng Aijuan


China is a country with long history and splendid culture. Cultural heritage is the embodiment of the history and civilization of great China, and it plays an important role in China's development and progress; besides, cultural heritage also have important influences on the choice of restoration techniques, display methods and protection methods for unearthed cultural relics, so it is necessary for us to protect them in proper ways. In the current cultural heritage protection measures adopted in China, digital media technology is mainly used as the core to provide guarantee for the security of cultural heritage. However, advanced digital media technology has not introduced in the current protection measures for cultural heritage, resulting in the fact that the protection measures are not scientific and perfect enough. This also leads to that some cultural heritages were damaged and are difficult to be restored effectively.


Digital Media Education, Cultural Heritage, Prtecotion