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Study on the Visual Application of Exaggerated Techniques on Children's Picture Books

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.051


Weina Sheng

Corresponding Author

Weina Sheng


The picture book language is the artistic concise of the creators of the picture book through various levels such as formal language, image language and meaning expression. No matter the picture-making language or the narrative language of the picture book, it has the characteristics of virtuality, narrative, generality and exaggeration. This article elaborates on the exaggeration techniques in children's picture books from the exaggeration of form and the exaggeration of color, and summarizes the search for memory points, moderate exaggeration, use of various deformation techniques to exaggerate and use abstract, metaphor, symbol and other ideas. Techniques such as exaggeration and visual application techniques.


Exaggeration, Children, Picture Books, Visual Performance