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Research on the Perfect Combination of Multimedia Design and Visual Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.047


Chen Xiaohui

Corresponding Author

Chen Xiaohui


Visual communication includes two parts, visual correspondence and communication, which constitute information transmission. With the development of economy and the development of science and technology information, visual communication technology is constantly updated, extending from the initial two-dimensional and three-dimensional to four-dimensional, and the mode of communication is diversified, gradually extending to multimedia area. Multimedia design is transformed into a new media technology through information technology, which provides strong support for visual communication design because of its own advantages. The perfect integration of visual communication and multimedia design makes the dissemination of information no longer subject to geographical and cultural constraints, so that there has been a great leap in speed and efficiency. The integration core technology of multimedia design and digital visual communication integration is multimedia technology and integration technology. These two technologies are applied to practice, and a more perfect integration will be achieved according to Principle of Formal Beauty.


Multimedia Design, Visual Communication, Perfect Combination