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Research on the Image of Dunhuang Guanyin and Its Re-creation under the Vision of "Compassion"

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.046


Ying Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Li


This thesis takes the image of Guanyin in Dunhuang Grottoes as the research object. Under the perspective of Buddhist compassion culture, this paper analyzes the origin of Guanyin and the causes of the transformation and secularization of Guanyin to female statues, and then analyzes the current folk life. On the stage of elegant art, the interpretation and re-creation of this artistic image. Through the study and practice of art, we have realized, explored and re-created various vivid images in the treasure house of Dunhuang art, making it a three-dimensional and vivid carrier of national culture, so that more people can understand the beauty.


Dunhuang, Guanyin, Dance Creation