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Research on College Students' Entrepreneurship based on Marketing Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.061


Hongyun Du

Corresponding Author

Hongyun Du


With the continuous transformation of the world economic situation, in the international financial crisis continues to expand and the increasing number of college graduates in China's reality, the employment of our college students face a series of severe pressure. In the face of this situation, our government actively through a variety of channels to solve this problem, and encourage and promote college students is a very important part of entrepreneurship. From a long-term perspective, college students are not only able to solve the entrepreneur's individual employment problems, but also to increase new jobs to solve more people's employment problems. And as a senior knowledge and technology students to participate in entrepreneurship, will undoubtedly China's economic restructuring and social development play a very important role. This is the value and significance of college students’ entrepreneurship.


Marketing Strategy, College Student, Entrepreneurship.