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Research on the Choreographer Consciousness of TV Special Programmes in the Background of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.043


Xiaoli Yin

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Yin


In the process of TV special program, although the various methods are used to transform the creation process, the TV director's own intervention in the program is inevitable, and the editor's identity, personality, thoughts and values will be different. The degree is reflected in the special program, that is, the editorial consciousness. It can be seen that the choreographer consciousness is the creative idea of the creators of TV special programs. With the continuous development of new media, TV has been greatly impacted as a traditional media. To increase viewership and attract more viewers, TV programs must constantly innovate the content and form of TV programs. The program director has a decisive influence on the quality of TV special programs, so it is important to enhance the directorial awareness of TV program directors from multiple directions. The article analyzes the influence of the choreographer's awareness in the TV special program director, summarizes the various awareness the must be possessed in the process of programming, and finally proposes the infiltration strategy of the choreographer awareness in the production of TV special programs.


New Media, TV Specials, Choreographer