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Self-Organized Development of Public Art and Rural Human Settlements

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.039


Yi Wei , Na Li

Corresponding Author

Yi Wei


Based on the self-organization theory, this paper, on the basis of examining the case of self-built community using public art revival abroad, reflects on the organization of the government-led rural development in China's rural construction, and reflects on the rural people in China. A suitable method for environmental construction is to be studied. From the perspective of self-organization theory, the village can be regarded as a dissipative structure. Public art involvement in rural development will effectively improve the openness of the village and strengthen the exchange of information between the village and the external environment on information, capital and materials. In addition, the application of public art in the rural public environment will effectively enhance the community identity of the villagers. With pride, enhancing their local awareness is conducive to the implementation and implementation of rural autonomy; in addition, the training in the implementation process is also conducive to the increase of local people's labor skills.


Self-Organized Development, Public Art, Rural Human Settlement