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Research on Chinese Image in Thai Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.036


Zhao Shaoping

Corresponding Author

Zhao Shaoping


Since ancient times, the exchanges between China and Thailand have been very close. The government and the people have also had frequent exchanges with each other. It is a friendly and coexisting state relationship. At the same time, in history, China and Thailand have often exchanged diplomatic envoys on the political side, and there are many economic exchanges. Cultural exchanges are often carried out, and so far, this is still the case. In the literature of Thailand, the image of China is fully demonstrated. On the one hand, when Thailand strongly advocates Chinese culture, on the other hand, Chinese immigrants enter China with Chinese culture. To this end, this paper first studies the important influence of Chinese culture on Thai literature. Secondly, it analyzes the embodiment of the image of ancient civilization in China in the travels of Thailand. Finally, the image of China's hard struggle in Thai literature during the immigration boom was studied.


Thai Literature, Influence, Chinese Image