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Research on English Teaching Method based on English Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.060


Wu Chen

Corresponding Author

Wu Chen


Culture and language have a very close relationship, especially in English this culture is very strong language. Therefore, in English teaching to strengthen English culture teaching, not only to help students correctly use English, but also help students improve their English communication skills. However, the current situation of English teaching in our country, many schools in the degree of emphasis on the teaching of English culture is not enough, resulting in English teaching confined to the appearance of teaching a lack of cultural connotation, English teaching efficiency is not high enough. At present, the social demand for talent is getting higher and higher, and English ability is one of the measurement standards of talents. It is very important to use effective English culture teaching method to improve students' ability of learning English and English. In this paper, the author mainly analyzes the current teaching methods of English culture, and puts forward some methods and strategies of English culture teaching, hoping to provide reference and suggestions for the future English education reform.


English Culture, Cultural Teaching, Method.