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Study on Zhuangzi's Literary Thoughts

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.031


Nana Chen

Corresponding Author

Nana Chen


Zhuangzi is an important thinker of the Taoist school in the Warring States Period. The basic tendency of Zhuangzi's thought is negative and nothing. He generally determines the social function of literature and art. [1] Zhuangzi dared to confront the dark real world with "Tao" as the highest category. Zhuangzi philosophy mainly seeks a free, free, artistic and aesthetic realm of life. Therefore, it requires people to realize the "Tao" with the beauty of heaven and earth with the mentality of transcending the reality of utilitarianism, realize the harmony between the spirit and the "Tao", and make the "Tao Yun" contain extremely rich literary aesthetics. It has drawn lessons for the theorists of later generations and has had a huge and far-reaching impact.


Zhuangzi, Literary Thought, Nature, Emptiness, Romanticism