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The principle of beauty and ugliness in Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.028


Li Mingming

Corresponding Author

Li Mingming


The core of Hugo's romantic creation is the full use and embodiment of the contrast principle. His masterpiece "Notre Dame de Paris" uses a large number of contrastive descriptions in the characters, love world and plot environment, highlighting the creation of Hugo's romanticism. Artistic charm. "Ugly ugly beauty" and "beauty and ugly contrast" are concrete reflections on objective things, and are the correct way and effective means for art to reflect social life. This paper believes that in the writing of his famous book "Notre Dame de Paris", Hugo vividly portrays the character of the character through the ingenious use of the contrasting description art, which greatly enhances the artistic appeal of the work and makes it become the influence of the world. The immortal work laid an important foundation.


Hugo, Notre Dame De Paris, Principle of Beauty and Ugliness