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Study on the English and American Literary Language under Cross-cultural Background

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.022


Xiangyao Meng

Corresponding Author

Xiangyao Meng


Any literary works are rooted in its unique historical and cultural soil, so it must have its own unique artistic charm and aesthetic characteristics. For British and American literature, it uses language to create images and convey emotions, which not only depicts the outside world, but also shows the spiritual world. Therefore, the study on language art in British and American works under cross-cultural background is a subject worthy of further analysis and discussion. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this paper first interpreted the cross-cultural background of British and American literary works, and then analyzed the linguistic characteristics of British and American literary works from the cross-cultural perspective. Finally, the paper put forward the method of language appreciation in British and American literature from the perspective of cross-culture.


Cross Culture, British and American Literature, Language Characteristics, Literary Appreciation