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The Function of "Center for Teaching &Faculty Development" in the Construction of "Double First-rate"

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.058


Hefei Li

Corresponding Author

Hefei Li


The "Double First-rate" is the abbreviation for the construction of the world first class university and the first-class discipline. This concept was firstly proposed in Points of the Ministry of Education issued by the ministry of education on February, 2016. To realize the goal of "Double First-rate", we should not just depend on a few key universities to make break through, but we should depend on each university to stimulate the vitality of innovation from its own reality. Center for teaching & faculty development can effectively provide teaching support and service, strengthen teaching professional cognition, and promote the level of university running and the improvement of talent training quality. Based on the author's work experience, this paper firstly analyzed the nature of center for teaching & faculty development, and then discussed the functions of center for faculty development.


Double First-rate, Center for teaching &faculty development, Nature, Function.