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Research on the Propagation Effects and Paths of China’s Ethnic Minority Films in the New Century

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DOI: 10.25236/iseah.2018.006


Xiaobo Huang

Corresponding Author

Xiaobo Huang


Since the new century, the economic system of China has undergone profound transition to market economy; the trend of cultural globalization has been surging forward vigorously. Analyzing China’s ethnic minority films from the perspective of media ecological environment theory, it can be seen that these movies have explored a path of expressing localization in the context of globalization, and found a unique diversification mode after a series of trial and error in the changeable new media environment. In the propagation paths constructed by the new content and new approaches, this paper explores the propagation effects of national films in the new century, and their relations with propagation logic, communication orientation and aesthetic standards.


New Century, Ethnic Minority Films, Propagation Effects and Paths