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Analysis on the Innovative Practice teaching of industry - university Interaction for Network and new Media Major

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.049


Jun Yu

Corresponding Author

Jun Yu


Network and new media professional is based on the Internet and other emerging media form of the news communication industry and the whole society a huge push, conform to the digital information age development needs, conform to the mobile Internet era of media convergence trend requirements arising from the new class of news communication. From the Ministry of Education in 2013 approved professional enrollment so far, the colleges and universities in the professional practice of teaching to find their own characteristics, the professional application of the characteristics of the teaching are generally recognized; and application-based undergraduate professional is based on industry demand objectives, the school for the enterprise Cultivate talents, pay attention to the cultivation of students' ability to work and their application to knowledge. So, "industry interaction" has become the inevitable choice of professional practice teaching.


Innovative Practice, Network and New Media, Teaching Innovation.