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Research on the Construction of School Physical Education and Its Evaluation System

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.048


Zhi Li

Corresponding Author

Zhi Li


With the smooth progress of the new round of basic education curriculum reform, our country's physical education teaching thought and the physical education teaching mode have undergone profound changes. These changes urgently require the establishment of the corresponding PE teaching evaluation system to reform and urgently need to solve the theory and practice Between the contradictions in order to ensure and promote the further development of China's physical education reform. Based on the theory of pedagogy, evaluation and physical education, this paper aims to reveal the main characteristics and internal laws of PE teaching evaluation, and put forward the theoretical basis of constructing PE teaching evaluation system and establish the evaluation of PE teaching The content and weight of the index system, the design of sports teaching evaluation program, from the theory and practice at the two levels to solve the problem of operability evaluation of physical education teaching methods.


Physical Education, Evaluation System, Construction Method.