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Research on the Construction of Agricultural Product Quality Supervision System based on E-commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.047


Yu’e Yang

Corresponding Author

Yu’e Yang


E-commerce of agricultural products refers to the modern information technology and business means into the production and distribution of agricultural products in the sales process, through the information network technology for agricultural information dissemination and collection, and in the network to achieve product trading means. The e-commerce of agricultural products has realized the effective link between the supply side of the agricultural products and the demand side, not only solved the problem of selling agricultural products, but also realized the interests of the farmers to maximize. With the popularity of rural e-commerce, including fresh products, including agricultural products, e-commerce has been rapid development of agricultural products has become a new type of circulation into another major commodity system. Quality and safety standards are an important guarantee for ensuring the safe consumption of agricultural products sold in the network. However, due to the lag of standard construction, the existing standards are difficult to meet the new sales model of e-commerce. Agricultural product quality and safety standards should be adapted to the needs of e-commerce, develop and improve the supporting standards for the development of agricultural e-commerce and security supervision to provide protection.


Agricultural Product, Quality Supervision, E-commerce.