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Research on Salary System Management of Hospital union

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.043


Guanzhuo Wang, Daxu Liu , Jiana Wang, Yang Mu

Corresponding Author

Guanzhuo Wang


The construction of regional Hospital union is an important part of deepening the reform of medical and health system. It is an important way to promote the construction of regional Hospital union and enhance the level of primary health care service. Through the comparison of medical and health expenditure and doctor 's income level in some countries, this paper analyzes the shortcomings of the salary system of public hospitals in China and points out the direction of salary system reform. Results: The relative shortage of domestic medical and health expenditure, the doctor's salary level and its labor pay does not match the salary system is relatively unreasonable, ignoring the role of internal remuneration. China must increase the financial investment in the hospital, improve the level of pay, establish a reasonable performance indicator, improves the internal compensation system.


Salary Management, Hospital union, Medical Development.