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The Application of Mind Mapping in the Teaching of Specialized Courses in Medical Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.042


Min Zheng, Xiaolong Liu, Yiping Jia

Corresponding Author

Min Zheng


Mind mapping in the brain on the information storage processing has congenital physiological and psychological advantages. That is, from the inside and outside the various information in the brain to form nodes, interrelated, and constantly dynamic processing into a different structure, component size and the existence of different times the so-called / thinking center, and thus divergence (radiation) out of thousands Tens of thousands of hooks (new link). The brain is to rely on such a basic method constitutes a very large, complex neural network or information network, and constantly realize the information input and output, internal and external information exchange. The different functional tendencies of the left and right hemispheres, not only the processing of different types of information with a relatively specialized division of labor, more help to help the two hemisphere function of each other, superimposed and greatly enhance the integration function, strengthen the brain as a whole advanced neural activity.


Mind Mapping, Medical College, Specialized Courses.