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The application of Shakespeare's drama in English major teaching from the perspective of social constructivist model

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.031


Luo Zhiyong

Corresponding Author

Luo Zhiyong


Social constructivism teaching model is derived based on constructivism, English teaching is an important part of higher education, with the society for high-quality compound application talent demand increasing, knowledge of English application ability of students has become the focus of attention of the problem of higher education for English majors. Shakespeare is a classic drama in English literature, the English and English in specialized teaching can apply specific teaching situation, realize students' comprehensive learning ability, based on the social constructivist model from the perspective of Shakespeare's in-depth research in the application of English teaching, the teaching present situation analysis, social construction of English majors from the viewpoint of the teaching mode of English major construction, Shakespeare plays in the English teaching mode of the application program, designed to promote the teaching level of English Majors upgrading.


Social constructivism, Shakespeare, Drama, English major, Teaching, Application.