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An Exploration on Professional Development of Young Teachers in a Local University—A Case of Huzhou University

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2018.043


Qi Zhang, Changming Gao, Qier Chen

Corresponding Author

Qi Zhang


University teacher development indicates a dynamic process involving those factors as a favorable institutional environment, various ways for theoretical study and practice with which teachers can be well prepared for different academic roles, keep gaining high quality academic achievements and working vitality. This chiefly contains teachers’ personal development, teaching development, professional development, organizational development and so on. Since there are lots of young teachers in a local university, the ways for their career starting development can be proposed as follows: helping them adapt to the teaching post as soon as possible; offering them supervisors so as to enhance their teaching and academic capability. Accordingly, with different manners such as optimizing humanistic environment as well as policy and institution, improving platform construction, young teachers’ growth and development can be promoted.


A Local University, Young Teachers, Professional Development