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Light Verb Construction and Entailment Recognition

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2018.035


Changli Li And Zixian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zixian Zhang


Light verb construction is a collocational phrase that follows the formula “take a+noun” (to take as an example in the research). From a light verb construction like “take a break”, we can get the entailment rule “take a break→break (or synonyms of break)”. On the other hand, entailment relation recognition is an important task for natural language processing. So entailment from the viewpoint of light verb construction is focused for study. Light verb construction appears in a certain context, thus statistic method is applied to find the possible subsequent constituents after the light verb construction in a sentence. Consequently, at first insight for light verb construction recognition is provided. It is found that there is a higher possibility for the existence of light verb construction if an adverb or a clause follows it. And ten most probable nouns are found that appear in the light verb construction with the pattern “take a + noun phrase”. Second, based on the above analysis, entailment rules with one argument open are found and a corpus of sentence pairs with entailment relation is made. This provides insight for such natural language processing tasks as answering system and information extraction.


Natural Language Processing, Entailment, Light Verb Construction, Entailment Rule, Answering System