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Research on the Development Mode of Shaanxi County Economy in the Era of Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.093


Fengxiang Jiang, Yazi Li

Corresponding Author

Fengxiang Jiang


The development of county economy has become the cornerstone of the country's overall economic development. The innovation of county economic development model helps to solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, which will also be conducive to the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and the optimization of social management. Prime minister, Keqiang Li, proposed "Internet +"during the two sessions, the county economy development has new development opportunity, each county in Shaanxi province should be in response to the strategy of "Internet +", should be more action plan, to achieve "Internet + county economic development model. "Internet +" county will further promote domestic demand expansion of economic development model, the industrial structure optimization, new urbanization construction, promote employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, each county in Shaanxi Province should implement "full participation of entrepreneurship and innovation" work deployment put forward by the state council, realize the series of important instructions about poverty alleviation and development work, especially for several old revolutionary base areas rich in symposium's important speech spirit, explore the new solutions to information poverty alleviation and income, the county economic development model, and implement innovation-driven development strategy, building a new engine of Shaanxi economy development to promote the reform and innovation of county economy development path.


Shaanxi, County Economy, "Internet +", Development Model