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Research on the Innovation of Social Management in the New Media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.077


Xuemei Dai, Jinyong Li

Corresponding Author

Jinyong Li


This paper explores the relationship between the Chinese Government, new social policy, the Internet and youth development. The implementation of the 'Harmonious society’ indicates that the government is moving from a directive, top-down approach to managing social and youth development and towards a more consultative, interactive style using the Internet as a new medium to access and respond to cultural ruptures in the fabric of Chinese society. The paper draws on the emerging genre of grunge and shock’ literature and illustrates the types of cultural ruptures that raise concern among authorities in relation to the direction of youth development. Responding to the change, the government has began to utilize key characteristics of the Internet to efficiently consult and interact with youth linking into the popularity of this controlled new media technology as a way to access this diverse social grouping and provide immediate information on emerging social, and potentially destabilizing issues. The result is that the government is potentially more responsive to emerging youth issues relating to structures, values and roles in China's rapidly changing social milieu.


Growth and Development, China’S Youth, Internet To Manage Social Change, Present Situation