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New Media Innovates Management and Orientation of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.075


Junjun Deng

Corresponding Author

Junjun Deng


In recent years, emerging media has changed the way people publish information and participate in social life. The rise and development of new media has undoubtedly produced a growing influence on college students. For example, Weibo and WeChat, as the new way of communication on the Internet, affect college students' ideological behavior with strong penetration and attractiveness. College student management workers must attach great importance to the functions of new media in organizational management, information dissemination and ideological shaping, and give full play to the role of microblogging external communication and WeChat internal management, both internal and external, so that WeChat and Weibo become the communication platform between the association and college students, which creates a new channel for the management of college students and innovates the effectiveness of student management. This paper begins with the introduction of new media. After analyzing the characteristics of today's new media, it begins to explore in detail the role of new media in the management of college students.


Weibo, Wechat, Innovation, New Media, Student Management