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Research on Systemic Risk of Banking Industry from the Perspective of Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.070


Qiyao Ai

Corresponding Author

Qiyao Ai


Internet finance, as an innovation of cross-border finance, on the one hand, strengthens the connection between Internet finance and traditional banking industry, on the other hand, intensifies the risks of commercial banks, produces shocks and opens up risk contagion channels. Based on the Internet, this paper combs the relevant literature, summarizes the connotation of risk, explores the triggering factors of systemic risk in banking industry, and analyzes the risk generation mechanism from two aspects of contagion mechanism and common impact, and constructs the risk transmission path from two aspects of real and pure connection channels. A comparative study of systemic risk classification and characteristics changes in banking industry from the perspective of Internet is presented. The results show that Internet factors aggravate the contagion of systemic risk in banking industry.


Internet Perspective, Banking Industry, Systemic Risk, Contagion Mechanism