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Paid Withdrawal and Optimal Utilization of Rural Homestead

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.062


Shang Pengjuan

Corresponding Author

Shang Pengjuan


With the accelerating progress of towns and agricultural modernization in China, the withdrawal and compensation of rural homestead has become an important issue that influences Chinese urban and rural economy as well as social construction achievements. In this paper, by means of literature method and inductive method, it clears up domestic research on withdrawal and compensation of homestead. Combined with the implementation outcomes of withdrawal and compensation in different areas, it is found that there are some typical problems in the operation of the withdrawal and compensation mechanism of homestead, including the immature withdrawal mechanism, ambiguous compensation measures and weak capital chain. Finally, from aspects of refining the withdrawal procedures, perfecting the compensation mechanism, and expanding the financing channels for the compensation capital of homestead withdrawal, some specific and feasible proposals are put forward.


Homestead Withdrawal, Compensation Targets, Compensation Scope, Financing