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Research on the New Trends and Countermeasures of Human Resource Management under the "Internet +" Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.048


Lin Song

Corresponding Author

Lin Song


The rapid development of the Internet has brought great changes to the society. In the process of constant change, Internet has also continuously moved toward the direction of "Internet +". This progress has also brought about earth-shaking changes in the management of human resources. In the management of human resources, the management method under the "Internet +" era is more modern and intelligent, using a variety of modern equipment to promote rapid and efficient communication between various departments of the enterprise, helping enterprises to work efficiently, for the progress and development of the enterprise, and inject the driving force. Therefore, based on this background of the times, this paper analyzes the new trends of human resource management, and discusses the countermeasures of human resource management in such an era to improve the quality and effectiveness of enterprise human resource management.


Internet +, Human Resource Management, Intelligent