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Research on International Trade based on Financing Risk Management of Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.037


Ying Zheng, Baojing Zhou, Feng Wu

Corresponding Author

Ying Zheng


With the acceleration of the global integration process and the prosperity of international trade, the proportion of national trade finance business in China's commercial banks is also growing. At present, developed economies are gradually emerging from the impact of the previous financial crisis. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, domestic banks are inevitably exposed to the shortcomings of risk management in the process of handling international trade financing for import and export enterprises. The international trade finance business is also a double-edged sword for China's commercial banks. While giving banks a more comprehensive and broader source of income than traditional loan business, the hidden risks are also lower than other businesses. In recent years, China's economic growth has gradually slowed down, and the growth rate of international trade has decreased slightly compared with that a few years ago. Some import and export enterprises that are weak against market risks have also been affected. The incident of financial chain break caused by poor management is also occasionally, the frequency of fraud and illegal arbitrage caused by the authenticity of international trade financing at the bank level has also increased, and international trade financing disputes are much higher than that in the past. Therefore, in the current economic environment, how to clearly identify the risks of international trade financing, strengthen the risk management of international trade financing, and reduce the risk loss caused by international trade financing risk events to China's commercial banks is also urgent.


Commercial Bank, Risk Management, International Trade