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Research on Business Model Innovation of Smart City Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.033


Yuxia Li

Corresponding Author

Yuxia Li


The smart city we are talking about is to integrate all the links involved in the urban development process into the information system in the past, and to effectively manage it, and use the information and communication technology to make our city intelligent. The development is guaranteed. In the current era of continuous development of information technology, smart cities have certain inevitability in the process of construction. The current development of smart cities has also brought very serious challenges to the development of urban business. But to be able to create a very good living environment for the residents of our cities, so that they can ensure that the city develops in a harmonious and stable direction, it is necessary to integrate the development of the current smart city to enable it to innovate business development model. Based on this, this paper will provide research and analysis on the innovation of business model in the process of smart city construction.


Wisdom, City, Business Model