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Study on the Impact of Community Opening on the Surrounding Roads

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.031


Liang He

Corresponding Author

Liang He


With the increase of traffic demand, urban traffic problems are becoming more and more serious. Whether it is possible to ease urban traffic congestion by opening the roads of existing closed communities is a problem worth studying. In order to solve this problem, this paper establishes a network model of traffic distribution linear programming based on the shortest path, and proposes three evaluation indicators such as traffic improvement factor, road segment saturation mean value and road segment saturation standard deviation to evaluate and contrast closed community opening. The amount of traffic before and after and the degree of road occupancy reflect the specific impact of the opening of the closed community on the surrounding roads. In this paper, two different traffic networks and traffic flow data are simulated and modeled. The results show that although the road network density increases after the opening of the community, it may reduce the total traffic load, but not any community opening can alleviate urban traffic congestion. . Many factors such as the area, location, external and internal road conditions can affect the traffic status of the road network. Therefore, whether to open a closed cell requires an assessment based on the specific cell and surrounding road conditions before making a decision.


Traffic Congestion, Transportation Network, Closed Community, Traffic Open, Shortest Path, Linear Programming