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Influence of Ground Motion Input Method on Seismic Response of AP1000 Nuclear Island Containment Building in Non-basic Rock Site

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.019


Jiang Pengcheng

Corresponding Author

Jiang Pengcheng


Based on the AP1000 nuclear power unit project which is under construction, based on the ABAQUS finite element software platform, the multi-site concentrated mass system is used to simplify the nuclear island containment building, and the viscoelastic artificial boundary simulation site semi-infinite domain is set. The effect of the difference in input mode on the seismic response of the structure under the action of seismic waves has obvious differences in characteristics. The research shows that the vertical seismic response of the containment building is far less than the horizontal change, and the simplified horizontal one-way input method is reasonable and reliable.


Containment Building, Concentrated Mass System, Input Method