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Optimization Research on Single Task Pricing Scheme of Subcontracting Market Research under the Background of Mobile Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/icemct.2018.011


Zhiting Chen

Corresponding Author

Zhiting Chen


Taking pictures and making money is a self-service model of market research under the mobile internet. Users download APPs, register as APP members, and then take pictures from APPs for tasks (such as going to supermarkets to check the availability of certain items) to earn the fees set by APPs. This is a self-service crowdsourcing platform based on mobile Internet. Compared with the traditional market survey method, it can greatly save the investigation cost and effectively ensure the authenticity of survey data to shorten the survey cycle. Therefore, APP becomes the core of the platform operation, and the task pricing is its core element. If the price is unreasonable, some tasks will be ignored, which will lead to the failure of commodity inspection. In this paper, regression analysis, cluster analysis and cross analysis are used to analyze the relationships among pricing, membership density, task density, completion and membership credibility to effectively optimize the pricing model of photography problem.


Nonlinear Multiple Regression, Linear Regression, Cluster Analysis, Cross Analysis, Dynamic Optimization