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A Normative Analysis of the Operation of Public Welfare Crowd Funding Platform -- Taking “Qingsongchou” as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.051


Shaofen Fang

Corresponding Author

Shaofen Fang


In recent years, as a new model of “Internet + finance + public welfare”, public welfare crowd funding has made it easier for citizens to participate in public welfare crowd funding undertakings compared with the traditional form of charity. “Qingsongchou” has become the first batch of platforms with public fund raising qualification announced by the ministry of civil affairs, which has a strong representative. By analyzing the operation process of “Qingsongchou”, this paper discusses the problems existing in the operation process of the public welfare crowd funding platform, and puts forward the standardization strategy from three aspects, including whether the platform has the qualification of public donation, strict auditing of project information, and reducing the management cost, so as to provide certain reference significance for the operation of the non-standard public welfare crowd funding platform.


Public Welfare Crowd Funding Platform, Standardization, Qingsongchou