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Discussion on the Waste Resource Utilization and Management in the Country Based on the Observation and Consideration of Ecological Environment Development in Yiyuan Country

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.048


Yixiang Chen, Dulin Yin And Shengpei Su

Corresponding Author

Dulin Yin


Based on a three-month observation and interview in some villages of Yiyuan County, this paper summarized the current situation of rural ecological environment in China. It was found that there was a great potential for the classification and reuse of rural construction waste. It suggested that waste as biomass should be converted on the spot; waste from synthetic material products should be integratedly processed; waste as solid hazardous should be recycled by producers. In addition, it is necessary to set up the rural household garbage classification collection station and have a management system. Furthermore, activity to popularize scientific knowledge of the garbage resources was urgently needed to be strengthen. Meanwhile, the door-step education of scientific recycling of rubbish resource should start from the kids and strengthen the school demonstration function.


Rural, Garbage, Resource, Management