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Research on the Development of Farmer Cooperatives under the Background of Urban-rural Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.046


Qingxiu Peng And Li Ding

Corresponding Author

Qingxiu Peng


The integrated development of urban and rural areas has played a facilitating and meditative role. The urban-rural integration has injected liquidity and vitality into farmers’ cooperatives, which made the urbanization a reality. However, the movement has also brought challenges to the previous business model. In the new era, it is necessary for the agriculture to transform into a new shape as in family-based unit farm professionalize its utility, lay the foundation for urban and rural economic integration, develop modern environmental friendly agriculture, establish basis for urban and rural social integration, cultivate new forms of professional farmers, provide the main stream force for prospective cultural integration, thrive the rural urbanization movement from its fluent liquidity and become the glue of this integrated development.


Urban-Rural Integration, Ecological Agriculture, Farmer Cooperatives, Family Farm