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An Analysis of Professional Ability Building as the Core to Promote the Professional Development of the University Counselors

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.041


Hui Teng

Corresponding Author

Hui Teng


The good professional ability is the fundamental guarantee for the university counselors to do their job well. It is the basic embodiment of their management quality of ideological &political education and daily education, and also the professional knowledge &skills that they must possess, which has a positive role for the effective development of student guidance work. So it is of special significance to discuss how to develop the university counselors' professional ability building to promote their quality and specialization. Judging from the comprehensive situation of the university counselors, this paper discovers some problems which have seriously affected the professional ability development and promotion of them. Therefore, it concludes the “three lines” for the purpose of creating good environment and conditions to promote the high-quality and professional development of them.


Professional Ability, University Counselors, Specialization, Development